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dry-wetWet and Dry Rot in Sunderland homes should not go untreated.  Try to deal with the sources of the wet and dry rot to limit the damage to the plaster, masonry and timber in the property. Here at Blue Forest Sunderland #1 damp expert we can provide effective solutions to your wet or Dry Rot – which is an essential service to the maintenance of your home.

What is Wet and Dry Rot?

These are the two most common forms of rot in Sunderland homes, it is caused by a fungus that will decay wood, masonry or plaster.  If left untreated it can cause major structural damage to your property and costing you an absolute packet.  Wet and Dry rot is caused by a fungus.  These funguses are very common and cause the wood or material to rot.  It can be caused by a leak or a spread of dry fungus.  Both are harmful but dry rot is the more serious form of decay.  It is a common misconception that dry-rot does not need moisture, it does.  It needs a certain amount of moisture for the fungus to start to grow then it will carry on producing even when the area has dried out some.  Dry rot can cause rather a lot of damage before you are even aware that you have it.

How Can I Spot Dry Rot?

Out of the two, dry rot is the most serious form of rot.  It leaves the timber weak and prone to splitting and eventually it will just crumble.  Visual signs are;

  • A white/ grey sheet like fungus that appears on walls
  • A fruiting mushroom that is often an orangey colour.
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If you see or suspect you have something like this it is essential that you have it looked at immediately.  Here at Blue Forest we can offer you the best protection for your property after a quick and professional survey and there is no obligation, either.

How Can I Spot Wet Rot?

The difference with wet rot is that it needs a constant source of moisture, so a window leak or bad guttering or even a leak in plumbing.  Luckily with wet rot, when the source of the moisture is removed the rot will not continue to cause trouble and it doesn’t’ spread through masonry, either.  So, check to see if the area is wet or if there is some sort of hole in the damp proofing in your home where moisture can penetrate.

As damp-proofing professionals, we can easily identify the difference between the two.  You can usually tell be the strands of growth and their colour.  Visual signs for you would be:

  • A black mould or fungus on the timber
  • The wood will feel spongey or soft and it will have some sort of discolouration.
  • If the wet rot has decayed the wood, it will crumble.

What Are The Treatments For Wet And Dry Rot?

All properties are different and we at Blue Forest have a standard process that will ensure you have the best and personal treatment for you wet and dry rot.  First, our engineer will locate the source, then remove all infected and decayed material, apply the chemical treatments or fungicides necessary to stop the growth of any more fungi, we then replace any destroyed or decayed material with treated materials.

How Much Will It Cost To Treat The Wet and Dry Rot?

This is a tough question to answer as all jobs are different and without seeing the problem it is hard to give an estimate.  At Blue Forest we provide a free survey by one of our skilled engineers who will give your property a quick and detailed survey and leave you with their findings.  This is 100% free and with no obligation and we aim to provide a cost-effective way to solve your problem.

Why Choose Blue Forest To Treat Your Dry Rot?

We have a team of approved damp-proofing specialists that will not only survey your home for the immediate problem, we will try to identify any future problems by investigating where the damp is coming from and how it is penetrating your structure.  We want our work to last for years and not just patch things up and wait for the next problem.  We guarantee our work for the correct amount of time and will damp-proof your home to the required standard so that future damp will be unable to access your home and damage your property.