Wall Ties in Sunderland And Across The North East

Blue Forest specialise in cavity wall tie replacement Sunderland and across the North East.


What Are Wall Ties?

wall-tie-replacement-surrey-2Wall ties are rods of metal that we use to connect parts of a cavity in a wall.  Masonry bricks will not always align completely and therefore need some sort of material that will join them up at regular distances to bolster their strength. Over the years, cavity construction has become the in-thing in the UK construction circles. It has completely replaced solid walls construction. Cavity walls are the industry standard. Unfortunately, there are about 10 million houses in the UK that were built between 1900’s to 1981 that feature wall ties that are susceptible to corrosion, or which do not have enough ties

What Causes A Problem With Wall Ties?

The ungalvanised steel that was used to construct these houses expands as it rusts, building the walls and creating cracks on the walls. This not only makes the building structurally weak but also allows damp penetration and loss of heat from the house.  If the galvanising was of a poor standard, particularly be careful if your house or property was built between 1964 and 1981 as regulations from steel galvanising was lowered between these dates meaning your steel might not live up to today’s standards.  As a Sunderland based company we know all to well the effect that the coast has on our buildings! The location of your property plays a big part in how much your wall ties need maintaining.  The rain and salt from the sea gives our structures a real battering, unfortunately.  The other thing that we can attribute a cause to is the materials that have been used – particularly black ash mortar that can cause corrosion.

How Can I Spot A Problem With My Cavity Wall?

About 25% of all structures built using cavity walls will suffer some sort of corrosion or defect with their wall ties.  You need to be on the look-out for:

  • The building bulging outwards
  • The edges of your roof appear as if they are lifting
  • Cracks on the inside of your house
  • Cracks on the external joints (they will be at regular distances typically)
  • Horizontal cracks on the mortar

What Is The Solution To My Cavity Wall Problem?

Here at Blue Forest we do not believe that it is a ‘one size fits all’ fix.  This is why we offer a free and no obligation survey by one our accredited engineers.  We will survey the structure and the cavity walls in a timely and professional manner.  We will then discuss the findings with you, giving you our professional recommendations.  If you are happy with the survey, we can book you in for our engineers to come and carry out the work with the skill and eye for detail you would expect from a company specialised in the repair of cavity walls with over 30 years’ experience.

There are a number of different ways to repair a cavity wall; there is the resin option, mechanical or cementitious.  It all depends on the width of the cavity as to what length tie you need and that is the sort of detail is what is discussed at the survey.

How Much Will Cavity Wall Repairs Cost?

If the cavity wall problems are diagnosed early on and there is no structural damage the cost will hopefully be able to be kept down and we can just replace the old wall ties as needed.  There will be a significant increase if the problem has been unaddressed for a while and there has been further damage to the structure – it is possible instead of treatment the wall may have to be re-built.  If you have any concerns about your cavity walls we urge you to contact us as soon as possible to halt any damage to your property.  It is much better, financially, to repair rather than rebuild.

As before, we provide a free and no obligation survey that is carried out by highly skilled engineers.  Give us a call at Blue Forest and we will ensure your property is structurally sound.

Why Choose Blue Forest For Your Wall Ties?

One of our specialties at Blue Forest is remedial installation of wall ties in Sunderland and across the North East. Over time, the weather will put to test the structural strength of your house. If you are in Sunderland or North East United Kingdom, don’t wait until your property starts having major issues, give us a call today.