Sunderland Rising Damp Specialists Avalible Across The North East

Rising dampRising damp is a common issue in Sunderland and we are the damp proofing specialists that can offer you a solution.  It is sometimes over looked as most buildings have a damp-proofing as standard but like most things man made, due to the elements, the polythene sheet may have disintegrated or been damaged. We offer expert rising damp treatments in Sunderland and across the North East.

Rising Damp. What is It?

Rising damp is a natural problem and refers to the process of moisture that is found naturally in the ground and is drawn up through the structure of a building.  The building materials used in most structures, such as bricks and sandstone, are all porous and are subject to this problem.  It takes some time for there to be any indication of a problem as it depends on different factors like the nature of the environment the structure was built on or the type of construction.  It is often a lengthy process and can go undetected for years.

Rising Damp.  How Will I Know If I Have It?

The first sign of rising damp is normally a ‘tide line’ on the lower part of your walls or darkening of the lower brickwork or white salt marks.  Sometimes you might notice damage to the plaster or the timber on the skirting boards may be rotten. You might even see a damp stain on the floor like something has been spilled.   If you have any signs like this, we would urge you to have a professional survey done and tackle the problem head on.

Do I have Damp Proofing Already?

Most buildings will have had a damp proofing course applied when being built but as we know, water finds a way.  Also, properties of a certain age have little or no damp proofing at all and we would highly recommend a survey be carried out if you are worried.

What Does A Damp Survey Entail?

Depending on the job the Blue Forest Rising Damp surveyor will check the ground level walls for signs of rising damp using an electric resistance metre and visually inspecting for tell-tale signs.  We will then survey the full building professionally for any other signs of damp such as excessive condensation or problems with rendering.  We will discuss the findings with you and give you our professional recommendations. Our specialist will only recommend a damp proofing solution that works for your unique structure, not just a ‘one size fits all’ job – a professional damp proofing is tailor made.

How To Treat Rising Damp?

We would normally recommend a remedial damp proofing course which consists of the removal of all the affected materials (timber, plaster, etc.) then we install a chemical damp proof course or damp proofing rods then we re-plaster with a specialised plaster that we recommend as it is salt resistant. There are other options and we recommend on a job by job basis as each situation is different.  We can organise this for a full house or just localised areas – no job is too big or too small.

How Much Does It Cost To Treat Rising Damp?

Each survey we complete is done on a case-by-case price.  All jobs are different and we will recommend the most appropriate level and type of treatment for your rising damp, the quotation you would receive would be the carried out by our specialist team that are highly-skilled in dealing with all types of rising damp.

So, in short, it is difficult to give an idea of price without seeing the property.  Here at Blue Forest we offer a no obligation survey where we could give you your personal quote that you can decide on at your leisure.

Can I Prevent Rising Damp?

There are a few things that we recommend you can do yourself to help stop any rising damp.

Make sure that you have not obstructed any air vents so that air can circulate freely, try keep an eye out for any signs of dampness on internal walls especially behind wardrobes or settees.  We also recommend making sure that all guttering and down pipes are in good working order to direct the water away from your property in the first place!

Here at Blue Forest NE we are specialists in diagnosing rising damp.  Many companies do not have the correct level of skill and expertise to diagnose the issue correctly.  We offer the free survey so that we can really inspect the property and give you our professional recommendations and you are under no obligation to use us.  However, we have over 30 years’ experience in the industry and have been solving problems like this in Sunderland since the 1980’s.  You are guaranteed value for money and a professional job.