Wall Rendering in Sunderland And Across The North East

pl4223011-silica_sand_cement_based_render_repair_mortar_waterproof_floor_plasterBlue Forest is your local specialist for damp and rendering Sunderland home owners can rely on. We have been one of the leading external rendering companies in Sunderland for many years. If your going to do house rendering get in done right.

Rendering improves the anti-damp capacity of your property and therefore protecting it against future problems.  Basically, it is a mortar that covers block or brickwork and involves applying a pre-mixed layer of sand and cement to your wall.  It is similar to plastering but the consistency for rendering contains more cement as to protect your home from the external pressures of the environment.  Being exposed to the elements means your rendering needs to be top notch and carried out professionally by a company that specialises in rendering and protecting your home against damp and other problems.

What Is Rendering?

As we mentioned before, is it is a type of coating to add to your brick/block works to add aesthetics or simply to protect from the elements.  Often, after the rendering is applied we improve the look of the external wall by painting or pargeting. Blue Forest has a team of PCA-approved rendering experts that will give your house a modern finish that will also act as a damp-proofing layer.

Can You Get Different Types Of Rendering?

Yes, as a specialist in rendering we would offer a free and no obligation survey to determine what sort of rendering you need for your property.  Rendering your home is to protect it against the elements and different rendering is used for different environments.  For instance, if you live on the coast we would recommend a heavier mix as the external environment is harsher on your property. It is also possible to use rendering on the floor for ornamentation or damp-proofing purposes.  When rendering it is advisable to use a coarse sand to mix in and this can often make it difficult to work with, but we know the mix that is needed for a certain job and don’t shy away from a complex job.

Here is a list of some of the different kinds of render available:

  • Silicone Render
  • Insulated Render
  • Monocouche Render
  • Sand and Cement
  • Lime Render
  • Dash Render

There are all designed for different needs, and this is the sort of thing our surveyor would discuss with you.  We would discuss the needs of your property, explain the differences and then give you our professional recommendation.

What Can Expect To Pay For Rendering?

It all depends of your budget and taste.  Our expert rendering team will pop out and survey your property, working within your budget and try to incorporate your design ideas.  We will then recommend to you what we think your property needs.  We can give you the options on the finish that best suits your house in-keeping with the surrounding areas.  Our rendering services will also enhance your properties insulation which will long-term save you money on heat-loss and increased weather proofing.  We can give you a personal and bespoke quote with no obligation.

Why Blue Forest for Rendering?

Our specialist team in Blue Forest have over thirty years’ experience in the rendering trade in the North East.  While we are based in Sunderland we are well aware that the same sort of rendering needs are replicated throughout the world.  However, being a coastal city we are more than aware of the damaging properties of living so close to the sea.  With excess wind and sea water that causes no end of problems to the exterior of our houses.  Living on the coast has some fantastic benefits but the battering the weather gives our property is something that needs to be looked at by a specialist in the area.  Give us a call at Blue Forest for a free survey in regards to the rendering and protection of your property.

Here at Blue Forest we are very confident in the quality of our work and we always offer an excellent warranty that gives you the peace of mind needed when dealing with the protection and aesthetics of your property.