Just in case this Privacy Policy does not make sense to you, feel free to forward your queries to info@blueforestne.co.uk. We will be happy to take you through the policies.

Our customers are very important to us and therefore take their privacy very seriously. With the help of this document, we hope to inform you of the type of information our website will collect from your browser and how we will use such information.

Log Files

Just like all websites, Blueforestne.co.uk will be making log files containing information of all the visitors to its pages. Below is a list of the information we will probably be collecting:

  • IP addresses of visitors to the site
  • The type of browser the visitors are using
  • Time and date stamp
  • Analysed clicks on the website
  • We track your movement on the website
  • We also get to know who your internet provider is
  • We gather the demographics of the visitors on the website
  • We tag on the Referring websites and exit pages


Cookies and Web Beacons

Note that Blueforestne.co.uk will use cookies to store information such as:

  • What pages visitors prefer to visit on the website and
  • The Information the user is on the lookout for on the website


Blueforestne.co.uk will then customise the web content to suit the information the visitors look for on the internet. The web content will also be customised based on what the visitors send using their browsers.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

As a general rule please note that:

  • Third party ad vendors such as Google sometimes post ads on co.uk.
  • Based on visits to Blueforestne.co.uk and other websites; Google will use Dart Cookie to serve you with advertisements.
  • By visiting http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html you are free to opt out of Dart Cookie, or indeed any other cookie that is delivering ads to your browser.


We have partners that will sometimes use web beacons and cookies to post adverts on our website. Such partners include the following…

Google Adsense

Third party advertisement servers will use technologies such as cookies, web beacons and JavaScript to retrieve your web browser and IP address from links and advertisements onBlueforestne.co.uk. They will then use this information to post ads on your browsers. Again, they may use this information to better tailor their ads to be more effective.

Any technology, cookies or otherwise, that has been used to retrieve your information from Blueforestne.co.uk does not fall under the control of Blueforestne.co.uk. It is solely controlled by the third party advertisers.

We would advise you to visit the privacy policies of the said third party advertisement servers for information such as:

  • How to opt out of the cookies
  • How to better manage the cookies
  • How to control the activities of the cookies with regard to your browser
  • Any other information you may require


This privacy policy does not cover the activities of the third party advertisers with regard to how they use your browser.