Damp Surveys In Sunderland And Across The North East

If your damp proof course or damp proof membrane is failing then you will need an expert damp survey to evaluate the extent of your issue.

What Is A Damp Survey?

front2We are requested to carry out damp surveys to investigate the cause of the damp and the extent of the problem.  Here at Blue Forest we are approved specialists and love to get to the bottom of your damp problems.

We carry out hundreds of damp surveys a year in the Sunderland area and most are very straightforward.  There are too many cowboys that skip the survey stage and don’t inspect the structure.  This is an essential part of the process as without knowing the cause and extent they will be unable to treat the problem. Or, it will end up coming back over time if the root cause is not located.  At Blue Forest we consider a thorough inspection of what is causing the damp the most important step in giving a damp-proofing recommendation.

What Does A Damp Survey Consist Of?

Here at Blue Forest we understand that you would want as little disruption to your home while trying to survey a damp problem so we ensure that our surveys are non-destructive (unless we are instructed to in a complex case).  Our surveyors will examine both internal and external observations as to giving you a full and detailed report on the damp problems in your home.  We will also outline any other issues that we come across in the job, we like you as the customer to have the full picture before deciding on any work.

Why Do I Need a Damp Survey?

Whether you are buying a new house or you are just doing maintenance work on your existing property in regards to issues with damp, you are going to need an approved damp survey to limit further damage to your property. Or, to prove there are no problems with damp – if you are selling or buying. We investigate for dry and wet rot, fungal decay and all other problems related to damp issues. We are able to complete the survey for domestic or commercial properties – no job is too big or too small for us at Blue Forest.

Why Choose Blue Forest For Your Damp Survey?

Our damp-proofing experts in Sunderland are highly skilled and experienced in damp surveys across the local area and have been for over thirty years. We will visit your property and go on to carry out an extensive damage assessment that will include locating the immediate problem with damp but we will also identify the cause and try to future proof you against damp problems that we may be able to foresee. Our surveyor will give you their professional and honest opinion on how to treat the damp you have now and the possible future problems.

It is 100% down to you the level of work we carry out but we will give you all of the options and information for you to make an informed decision that will eliminate any similar problems.

If You have any concerns at all about possible damp in your home or commercial property, the key is to get it looked at quickly and swiftly. The longer damp problems are left to set in, the harder (and more expensive) they can be to treat. Depending on the job the Blue Forest Rising Damp surveyor will check the ground level walls for signs of rising damp using an electric resistance metre and visually inspecting for tell-tale signs. We will then survey the full building professionally for any other signs of damp such as excessive condensation or problems with rendering. And, as before, we will give you the heads up of any potential problems regarding damp in your property – leaving you with the peace of mind that there will be fewer unexpected problems with your home in the future.

Give us a call at Blue Forest and speak to our team who will advise on the best course of action. We look forward to hearing from you.