Condensation Control in Sunderland and Across The North East.

Condensation control is something that should be looked into regularly, condensation on windows can build up slowly over time while condensation on walls is worse again. Condensation problems inside the home can lead to mould on walls and more serious damp problems. We at Blue Forest  will be happy to take a look for you.

What Is Condensation?

gal_pic2Condensation is the when water vapour comes into contact with a surface and turns into a liquid (water droplets) that will sit on any surface.  Warmer air holds more moisture than colder air and when the warm air comes into contact with a cold surface the excess moisture in the air is released and settles on the surface – this is condensation.  You can’t see the moisture in the air, it only really becomes a problem when the moisture filled warm air can’t escape.  You will normally see condensation appear on the colder surfaces like windows, or walls that are near outer walls.  It is not uncommon to find condensation inside cupboards or behind furniture as the air flow is poor and the warm air has nowhere to go.  Modern homes are built to retain heat and stop it from escaping, but this in turn stops water vapour in the warm air escaping so you have to think about ventilation in your home as well as better insulation. It is a fine line to tread as condensation can cause all sorts of problems like damp, rotting wood, peeling paint and worst of all it can cause problems with your health.

How Will I Know If I Have A Problem With Condensation?

It is one of the most common damp problems we suffer and the first thing you might notice is the water droplets forming in a certain place, probably a window or some other surface that is colder than the rest of the house.  If left untreated, you will start to get black mould or mildew in these places and there may be a musty and damp smell.  Keep an eye out for wet walls or if the wallpaper seems like it is peeling and in extreme circumstances you may find water running down the walls. If you seem to be having problems with any of the above, please call us for a free and no obligation survey where we can inspect any problems and recommend controls against condensation before your property is damaged further.

How Do I Prevent Condensation?

Condensation prevention is getting harder as modern houses are built to retain heat and are insulated so well there Is nowhere for the warm air to escape to, therefore creating a problem with condensation. The main ways to prevent condensation is to heat the area or improve ventilation. Just like when the car windows get steamed up, you either open the windows or warm them up – It is the same idea in the home. If you have your home kept and a regular warm temperature this reduces the risk of the water droplets being released on your surfaces as they aren’t cool. Also, keep your home well ventilated; if air can be circulated the moisture vapour in the air will find its way outside and the direr external air will replace it.

What Condensation Controls Do You Offer?

There are various ways you can remove condensation, there are some generic tips we can give but if it is a serious problem that needs addressing then give us a call and we will send our processional surveyor for an inspection and we can give you our report and discuss findings. On a more general note;

  • refrain from drying clothes in doors – the moisture has to go somewhere and it will probably be your cold surfaces!
  • Use an anti-mould paint in bathrooms or kitchens; or anywhere there will be excessive moisture in the air.
  • Try and insulate cold surfaces
  • Install a de-humidifier in places that are prone to condensation, like the utility room, for instance.

We at Blue Forest are Sunderland’s first choice damp proofer and will be happy to take a look for you if you feel like you have a problem.

Our specialists at Blue Forest will give you the best advice on how to ensure no mould germinates in your house. Remember mould pollutes the air in your home and if left untreated can cause respiratory problems to the residents living there.

Our approved team has dealt with similar problems for over 30 years. Some condensation issues are a minor fix, while others are more complex where bigger problems can arise from. Blue Forest will resolve your condensation problem and make your home a condensation free environment. Give us a call today for a no obligation survey and we can put your mind at ease.