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Damp Survey

Blue Forest damp company conduct a free comprehensive
damp survey, to enable us to get to the root of the problems.

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Condensation Control

You should deal with humidity build-up, and black moulding quickly before it causes any health issues.

Wet & Dry Rot poor wet walls

Wet & Dry Rot

Limit further damage to your property’s plaster, brickwork and timbers, by dealing with wet and dry rot as quickly as possible.

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Common issues including rising damp and wet and dry rot can go unnoticed then appear to be a huge problem. Look for the best damp proofing company to carry out a repair survey. Once surveyed we will be able to supply a free and competitive quotation for the necessary work. Do not make the mistake of calling out a national contractor. This will be more expensive and you will incur costs you can do without. You simply need an approved damp proof company in Sunderland.

No matter what it looks like now, don’t worry. We have an experienced team who have seen it all before and can help get rid of the problem once and fro all. We offer guarantees for our workmanship in areas such as damp proof membrane (DMP) installation, condensation control, tanking systems, rising and penetrating damp, as well as basement water proofing.

The staff at Blue Forest go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction. For example, you will receive a free site survey after which you will get a survey report after a few days. Competitive pricing is guaranteed for all our services. Our professional damp company aim to provide quality workmanship and thus will only use the latest technologies in resolving all your issues.


How To Get Rid Of Damp & Mould

We all know that damp creates unsightly patches on the walls of your home. Wetness quickly leads to the growth of mould which is dangerous to have in your home. It can lead to sustained failure of your immune and respiratory systems. To summarise, health problems can be caused by wet conditions.

Left untreated, rising damp can cause severe structural damage to your home. Its market value will also take a tumble given the repairs it will need.

At Blue Forest we are local specialists and we will provide you with the right solution so that the problems do not recur.

Causes of Damp in Sunderland


If your home or business is located in a flood hit area, you will require some basement tanking or something similar. This is because basements are situated below the water table. If your home is old, it is more susceptible to rising moisture because it was not built using today’s standards.

Another problem on the rise would be the weather changes in the United Kingdom. We are now facing an increased level of rain, very hot summers and colder winters. Homes pre-dating certain dates will need a new proofing plan, and this has to be done by damp specialists. Blue Forest are a leading Sunderland damp company and will be your partner in this.

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Our Damp Proof Specialists in Sunderland Will Quickly Assess And Determine The Best Treatment For You.

You will never be able to solve your problem if you don’t know what causes it. Don’t worry that is why we carry out a comprehensive survey. In the scenario were the problem is caused by condensation, we are likely to recommend improved ventilation, additional insulation and more effective heating. If it is penetrating, we will recommend external treatments. In case of rising damp, a recommended solution would be to install a new damp course.

Some of these works will require experienced professionals to carry them out. Trust Blue Forest to be your local damp company across Sunderland and surrounding area’s.

Our Damp Proofing Solutions

You can consult our services page to know more about the services that we offer.

Some of the solutions we offer include;

  • Treatment of rising damp
  • Installation of DPM
  • Dry rot treatment
  • Wet rot treatment
  • Survey of the site (including the timber and causes)
  • Treatment of penetrating damp
  • Solutions for, and control of condensation
  • Cellar/basement waterproofing
  • Treating wood infested by wood worm
Damp proofing Sunderland project

Local, Approved & All Work Guaranteed.

Affordable Costs From One of the Leading Recommended Damp Proofing Companies in Sunderland

We may be based in Washington, Sunderland but all of our solutions are supported by the latest technology available in the UK. Our specialist knowledge of damp proofing is localised and we strive to deliver a first class service complete with 100% guarantee of our workmanship.

We provide an ongoing development program for all of our team and they are involved in regular training courses delivered by industry experts. Over the years, we have developed new techniques and have increased our expertise in damp proofing systems.

Our customer service record is impeccable. You will always receive a response within a few hours. In case the problem is an emergency, you will be assigned a technician immediately.

We offer insurance backed guarantees for our services. This helps us create lasting relationships with our customers.

Finally, we are firm believers in the statement that the ‘customer is king’. For us, customer satisfaction is the main reason we are in business. We have relied upon the word of mouth from many satisfied customers to grow our business. We intend to develop and increase our business by continually updating our skills set and delivering first class solutions to all your problems. We offer damp proofing Sunderland residents and business’s can rely on.

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Brendan - Owner of Blue Forest (NE)

Brenden Carr
– Director at Blue Forest North East Ltd,

Thanks for considering my company Blue Forest for your work. Rest assured, you have my word that all of my team are not only very well qualified but also well trained in all aspects of damp proofing. In a world where word of mouth can make or break a local business, we strive to have completely satisfied customers. If you are not 100% happy with all of Blue Forests services then please contact me directly. Satisfied customers and first class service are at the forefront of our business at Blue Forest. Our Company is located in Washington, Tyne and Wear, we are available for projects in across the North East including Sunderland, Newcastle and Durham. If you need an electrician in Sunderland try Caztec, that is our sister company